This website was founded in late 1994 by Fritz B. Voll, Canada. He was joined shortly thereafter by friends who translated articles into Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian: Silvia Kot in Argentina; Fr. Peter von Werden, S.J. in Brazil; and Yuri Tabak in Russia. Voll translated articles from German to English and vice versa, and through contacts in Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Canada, and the U.S.A. received articles for posting. He also built the bibliographical and biographical sections of the site. From 1994 to 2000, he financed the site entirely on his own. In 2000, he gave the site to the International Council of Christians and Jews, while continuing to serve as its webmaster until August, 2004.

Over the years, the site went through many changes in appearance and was with the help of Nils Voll finally put into database form in 2003. Following this, in 2011 the ICCJ arranged a relaunch of the website resulting in its current design. Dr. Christoph Muenz of Greifenstein-Beilstein, Germany, joined the Editorial Team as German Language Editor in 2000, assisted by Dr. Markus Himmelbauer of Vienna, Austria. Later that year Dr. Franklin Sherman of Allentown, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., became English Language Editor. In 2002, Sherman was appointed to the additional position of Managing Editor of the site as a whole. Dr. Edward Kessler of Cambridge, England, and Rev. Wolfgang Raupach-Rudnick of Hannover, Germany, joined the Editorial Team in 2003, working with English and German materials respectively, and in 2004 Prof. Jean Duhaime of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, became French Language Editor. In October, 2004, Dr. Philip Matyszak of Cambridge, England, was appointed Webmaster of the site, followed by Dr. Christoph Muenz in 2008. Since then Muenz also serves as Editor in Chief of jcerlations.net.

All members of the editorial staff except for the Webmaster serve on a voluntary basis.