"I am Joseph, Your Brother"

A documentary film (59 min.) from 2001, which follows the dramatic changes in the relations between the Catholic Church and the Jewish people over the past half century.

During the 1960s, Pope John XXIII met with a delegation of Jews and said, "I am Joseph Your Brother" marking the beginning of a new relationship between Jews and Catholics. Inspired by the visit of Pope John Paul II to Israel in 2000, I am Joseph, Your Brother assesses and reflects on the changes that have occurred in the often difficult and turbulent relationship that has existed for centuries between Jews and Christians, Judaism and Catholicism, and more recently, between the State of Israel and the Vatican.

This troubled relationship centers around sensitive issues such as the Holocaust, and the many accusations made against the Jews in the past such as blood libel. The film asks questions such as: What did the Vatican say about Jews as "Christ-killers"? And what do they say today? I am Joseph, Your Brother discusses the complex issues behind these questions and investigates the significant changes in Catholic doctrine that have been made in recent decades. These include the Nostra Aetate document from Vatican II (1964), recognition of the State of Israel (1994), and the "We Remember" document which makes an apology for the role played by members of the Catholic Church in Holocaust (1998).

I am Joseph, Your Brother explores these issues with sensitivity and insight with interviews with dignitaries, religious leaders and educators both Jewish and Catholic. The film include footage never seen before from the Vatican Archives and powerful moments from the Pope's visit to Israel in 2000 such as scenes of the Pope at the Western Wall and at Yad Vashem, the Israeli national memorial to the victims of the Holocaust.

I am Joseph, Your Brother

Israel, 2001, 59 minutes, color, English

Directed by Amy Kronish and Eli Tal-El

Produced by Tal-El Productions for the Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel in association with the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops

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Source: YouTube.