U.K. Council of Christians and Jews Condemns Attacks

PRESS RELEASE 24 November 2003. The Council of Christians and Jews shares the fears of the Jewish community and their friends in this country, throughout Europe and worldwide of a gravely disturbing growth in antisemitism, unparalleled since the dark days of World War II.  The attacks on synagogues, schools, cemeteries and individuals all serve to create a climate of fear, insecurity and a diminution of hope.

The CCJ condemns all attacks on Jews. We also condemn labelling the Jewish community, in all its multi-faceted diversity, from Israel to the Diaspora, as ?The Jews?, regardless of their views or political opinions. Such generalisation is vividly reminiscent of antisemitism down the ages.  It is a dangerous and virulent error that forecloses on dialogue and makes conflict inevitable.  It is the innocent who suffer, whether they are worshipping in synagogue or simply going about their daily activities.  This has been violently demonstrated in Turkey within the last two weeks, where Jews ? as well as those of other faiths and none ? were targeted.  Today?s lethal mix of antisemitism and vicious hate threatens us all.

The CCJ calls upon all religious and political leaders to speak out against such heinous and devastating attacks on the Jewish community and others and condemn unreservedly terrorism whenever and wherever it takes place. We urge those in positions of leadership as well as ordinary citizens to plead on behalf of all who have suffered from such hatred during recent years and take whatever steps are necessary to defuse the violence and conflict.

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