The Present and Future of Christian-Jewish Dialogue: Historical and Theological Perspectives

The Martin-Buber Chair in Jewish Thought and Philosophy at the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main is delighted to invite to an international conference, Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, 13-15 May 2018.

Within the context of the Christian-Jewish Dialogue much has started to change in recent decades on an international level – with regard to the reflection on the history of Christian antisemitism from antiquity to the Shoah, the reformulation of Christian theological self-understanding as a result of the encounter with Judaism, and regarding Jewish perceptions of Christianity. Bringing together renowned international researchers and representatives of Christian-Jewish dialogue, the conference will revisit the achievements and problems of the past, discuss the different facets of the dialogue in the present, and open a dialogue about the difficulties and remaining differences involved as well as new approaches to that dialogue.

The event starts on Sunday, 13 May at the Goethe University Frankfurt (Campus Westend, Casino Festsaal), will be continued on Monday afternoon at the Catholic Academy (Haus am Dom) and ends on Tuesday, 15 May at the Goethe University.

The papers will be delivered in English or German – simultaneous translation will be offered.

Participation at the conference is free, and it will, of course, be possible to attend individual panels and evening lectures. However, for the sake of a more efficient organization, please register by email with Mrs. Stromereder (Haus am Dom): m.stromereder(at)

Please see the conference program for further details:

Conference Program