Programme outline for the ICCJ Conference in Vienna, Austria, 2-5 July 2006






1. Main Conference Programme


2. Young Leadership Conference


3. Pre-conference visit to Auschwitz.


4. Optional trip to Prague




SUNDAY, 2 July 2006

Arrival at Conference Centre
14.00 Registration  
18.00 Opening Event
  • Welcome by the President of the ICCJ: Fr. Prof. John Pawlikowski
  • Greetings of the Ambassador of the State of Israel to Austria: Dan Ashbel
  • Opening Lecture:
    Encounter with History - Learning for the Future
    Experiences and Observations from a Central European Point of View:
    Ambassador Dr. Jiri Gruša, Former Czech ambassador to Germany and
    Austria, Director of the Diplomatic Academy of the Republic of Austria, Author
20.00Dinner Buffet

MONDAY, 3 July 2006

7.15 Morning prayers
9.00Introduction to the theme, setting the local context  

Welcome by the President of the Austrian Co-ordinating Committee for Christian-Jewish Cooperation: Revd. Prof. Helmut Nausner

9.15 Plenary  

Antisemitism and Christian-Jewish Relations in Vienna at the turn of the 19th to the 20th Century: Speaker to be named

10.15Coffee Break

Myths and Monuments
  The Turkish siege of Vienna and its Contribution to present-day Austrian Identity: Speaker to be named


Islam in Austria
  Prof. Anas Schakfeh, President of the Islamic Communities in Austria IGGÖ

14.30Departure of coaches
15.15Guided walks through the City of Vienna   Christian-Jewish themes at St. Stephen"s Cathedral: Dr. Annemarie Fenzl, Archivist of the Archdiocese of Vienna  
17.00Judenplatz, medieval Jewish quarter, monument for the victims of the Shoah: Dr. Ariel Muzicant, President of the Jewish Community of Vienna
18.00Visit of the Main Synagogue,Dr. Ariel Muzicant and Chief Rabbi Prof. Chaim Eisenberg
  followed by Jewish Evening Service
19.45Return to conference centre
  or remain in Central Vienna for free evening
20.15Supper at conference centre
21.00 Film: Visions of the Inferno, documentary of Slovak television about the paintings of Adolf Frankl, survivor of Auschwitz. Encounter with Adolf Frankl"s son Thomas Frankl

TUESDAY, 4 July 2006

7.15Morning prayers

Current Agenda of Christian-Jewish Dialogue Part I


How the State of Israel Affects Today"s Jewish-Christian Dialogue:
  Presenters to be named

10.30Coffee Break
11.00Do Monuments Preserve Memory?: Prof. Dr Peter Gstettner, Educational Scholar, Board member of the Austrian Mauthausen Committee
14.30Departure for visits to selected sights of special interest  

At each site there will be a period of Christian-Jewish Bible Study

  1. Jewish Community of Baden - Lately reconstructed synagogue destroyed in 1938: Mag. Thomas Schärf, President of the Jewish Community of Baden
  2. Central Cemetery - Christian graves at the Jewish section of the Central Cemetery: Mag. Ruth Steiner, Board member of the Austrian Co-ordinating Committee for Christian-Jewish Cooperation, Prof. Dr. Gerald Stourzh, Historian
  3. Leopoldstadt - The traditional Jewish quarter of Vienna: Dr. Markus Himmelbauer, Director of the Austrian Co-ordinating Committee for Christian-Jewish Cooperation. Visit to the Liberal Jewish Community Or Chadasch
18.30Groups meet up in Klosterneuburg
19.00Visit to the Verdun Altar (museum - example of medieval biblical typology):
Guide to be named
  Reading of Psalms in the church
20.00Buffet - Reception by the Abbot of the Canon-Monastery:
  Prelate Mag. Bernhard Backovsky
22.00Return to conference centre

WEDNESDAY, 5 July 2006

7.15Morning Prayers
8.45Departure of coaches
9.30Visit to the Austrian Parliament  
  • National Fund of the Republic of Austria for the Victims of the Holocaust
  • The Austrian Fund for Reconciliation, Peace and Cooperation
  • Palais Epstein: The contribution of Jewish deputies to Austrian parliamentarism

Presentation of the 2006 ICCJ International Sir Sigmund Sternberg Award to   Prof. Kurt Schubert
  Laudatio: Prof. Dr Stefan Schreiner

13.15Return to conference centre
14.15Annual General Meeting "Friends and Sponsors of the Martin Buber House"

Current Agenda of Christian-Jewish Dialogue Part II


The Evangelical Church in Austria 1938 to 2006: Its conversion from National Socialism to Christian-Jewish Relations: Prof. Dr. Michael Bünker, Member of the executive committee of the Evangelical Church in Austria




Workshop led by the ICCJ Women"s Council:
  Christian, Muslim and Jewish Women in the New Europe: a new faith?

16.00Coffee Break

Present Situation of Christian-Jewish Dialogue in Central Europe,
  Speakers from Prague, Bratislava and Budapest to be named
  Moderator: Prof. Dr Stefan Schreiner,

20.30Closing Event
  • Reflection on the conference-theme
  • Celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Austrian Co-ordinating Committee of Jewish-Christian Cooperation-
  • Exploring Memories through Art: Carolyn H. Manosevitz, Artist, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
  • Witness of the Past: Synagogues and Cemeteries: Dr. Maroš Borsky, Historian, Slovak Jewish Museum Bratislava

THURSDAY, 6 July 2006

7.15Morning prayers
9.15Annual General Meeting of the ICCJ
14.30Meeting of the ICCJ Executive Board

All plenaries will be followed by discussion.
  Programme details are subject to change. (Please find regularly updated version of the programme on the website of the Austrian Co-ordinating Committee for Christian Jewish Cooperation, go to -> Events)  



1. Identities in a Changing World
  is the theme of this year"s ICCJ Young Leadership Conference due to take place in Vienna, 3 - 8 July, almost parallel to the main conference. This will allow some input into the main conference from this vibrant multi-national group.


For details please contact:Lena Ohlsson (e-mail: oh2lena(at) )


2. Prior to the ICCJ-conference the "Centre for Dialogue and Prayer" at Oswiecim/Auschwitz offers a visit to the memorial place of Auschwitz-Birkenau.


Thursday, 29 June to Saturday, 1 July 2006


For details please contact:Fr. Dr. Manfred Deselaers (E-Mail: manfred(at)