Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia to Conference "Facing each other"

Greeting Address of the Patriarch given to the Conference of the ICCJ member organisation "Facing each other."

Interreligious Peace Forum

Moscow, November 13 - 14, 2000

This conference, organized by the Russian association "Spiritual Culture Dialogue – Facing Each Other", a member organisation of the International Council of Christians and Jews, was attended by leading representatives of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities in Russia.

Greeting Address of

His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexej II

to the Participants in the Conference

Dear brothers and sisters, friends!

I cordially greet you, representatives of the state power, of religious, public and national associations and workers of science and culture, who have gathered to discuss particular features of the present peace process and of the participation of the followers of traditional religions in it.

I believe that all participants in the present Conference can repeat the words of the Holy Prophet and King David addressed to God: "I am a companion of all who fear thee, of those who keep thy precepts" (Ps.119:63). It is gratifying to see that at our difficult time the search for the effective forms of participation of all people and traditional religions of our country in the solution of common problems, as well as an idea to revive distinctive cultures, unite all people who are not indifferent to the destine of Russia.

I highly appreciate the work of the "Spiritual Culture Dialogue - Facing Each Other"- Association in organizing the present meeting, at which the followers of the Abrahamic religions with their single source can once again pledge their mutual support rooted in the best traditions of culture and history. Our Church is open to interreligious dialogue and is interested in its continuation, as it testifies to the ability of believers to make society more healthy and consolidate it.

The Russian Orthodox Church knows only too well about the efforts undertaken by religious leaders for the strengthening of public morality, in peace activities and in the field of social ministry and charity. I believe that the fundamental combining of efforts of public and religious figures can exert a positive influence on the global process, which challenge the traditional religious consciousness.

I wish the present meeting fruitful deliberations and success in the solution of its noble and important tasks.


Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia

Editorial remarks

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