Passover Seder in Radom

On April 22, a Passover Seder was organized in Radom, probably for the first time in decades, as part of the Jewish Culture Festival “Trace”. Among those who gathered at the table that day were descendants of Jews from Radom, some visiting Poland for the first time.

As Gail Grossfeld Reiss put it: “I needed to be here, I needed to be in the place that my father was born and raised and I needed to be with the people who were taking a step to celebrate Passover.” The event was possible because in the summer of 2015, while on a Friends of the Forum Journey to Poland, Hilda Chazanovitz and Sharon Grosfeld met Zbigniew Wieczorek, a participant in Forum for Dialogue's Leaders of Dialogue Program. Their meeting resulted in a cooperation that a year later brought back the Jewish holiday to Radom. “Forum for Dialogue has simply connected us”, concluded Zbigniew Wieczorek.

Earlier in the day, before the Seder, guests from the U.S. were taken on a walking tour following the footsteps of Jews of Radom by students participating in the School of Dialogue program. The School of Dialogue program started in Radom in 2011 thanks to the support of Irving Kempner whose family roots are also in Radom, and the Copernicus High School has continued being involved in it ever since.

We are honored and grateful that Forum could contribute to the Passover Seder in Radom.

Editorial remarks

Source: Forum for Dialogue Among Nations