Norwegians To Rally Against Terrorism and Antisemitism

A public meeting against terror and antisemitism, combined with a concert to raise funds for victims of terrorism, will be held at the OL amphitheater in Hamar, Norway, on 5 June 2004, starting at 15.00. National leaders expected to attend include Jo Benkow, Thorbjørn Jagland, Jon Lillethun, and Carl I. Hagen. Artists scheduled to perform include Christian Ingebrigtsen, Edward John, and Solveig Friis Larsen, as well as several choirs and 80 dancers. The antisemitism program will hear addresses by Julius Paltiel, telling about experiences during the Holocaust, and Ester Kristoffer, a psychologist who has studied the traumatic effects of bus bombings in Israel. A further seminar to be held the following day at 11.00 will include representatives of Zaka (the Israeli organization of volunteer rescue workers), Israeli bus drivers and terror victims, and a Muslim victim of a terror attack in Indonesia. A rally will also be held in Bergen on 31 June.