Launch of Encyclopedia of Jewish-Christian Relations (EJCR) Online Database

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Encyclopedia of Jewish-Christian Relations (EJCR) online database.

Starting yesterday (November 24th, 2019), the first EJCR articles can be accessed online at The database will be updated twice a year, and access is free of charge until May 2020!

Chief Editors: Walter Homolka, Rainer Kampling, Amy-Jill Levine, Christoph Markschies, Peter Schäfer, Martin Thurner. Executive Editor: Kathy Ehrensperger

The research and publication project EJCR presents an overview of Jewish-Christian interaction over the centuries up until today, and thus is a standard reference work of interdisciplinary research on Jewish-Christian relations. It encompasses articles by international experts in the field of up to 200 topics specifically on the aspect of Jewish-Christian relations. Rather than focussing on a Jewish versus a Christian perspective on a topic, EJCR articles rather highlight issues pertaining to the interaction of the traditions. In addition to presenting the current state of research, articles also establish a basis for deepening and widening themes and opening up perspectives for future research on the relationship between these traditions in increasingly secular and religiously diverse societies. In addition, the EJCR provides sustained scientifically based support for academic as well as non-academic discourses, for dialogue initiatives and the ecclesial and theological permeation of these relationships.

Editorial remarks

Source: Abraham Geiger College.