ICCJ expresses profound appreciation for the Middle East "Road Map"

ICCJ letter to President George W. Bush, Ariel Sharon and Abu Mazen

ICCJ expresses profound appreciation for the Middle East "Road Map"

Mr George W Bush
The White House
Washington, DC
Mr Ariel Sharon
Prime Minister
Mr Abu Mazen
Prime Minister

5 June 2003

Dear Mr President,

Dear Prime Ministers,

On behalf of the International Council of Christians and Jews, its Abrahamic Forum Council and its 38 members in 32 countries worldwide engaged in dialogue and encounter of the three Abrahamic faith traditions, we write to express our profound appreciation of your vision and personal commitment to endorse the basic principles of the "Road Map" for Israel-Palestinian peace. It is our hope that these steps will also lead to wider stability in the Middle East, the region that has been the cradle of Judaism. Christianity and Islam alike.

As you have set out to meet in person we appreciate and salute your endeavour to confront history as well as current realities and to rise above memory and the still existing threat to a secure life for the inhabitants of Israel and Palestine.

We join in the prayer of all people of good will that the steps you now take will indeed be fruitful.

Yours sincerely,

Sigmund Sternberg OstJ, KCSG

Rev. Prof.
Dr. John T. Pawlikowski OSM

Friedhelm Pieper

General Secretary