Explore the First-Ever Guidebook to the Abraham Path Online!

Ten years ago the idea for the Abraham Path was born, and this month we celebrate this anniversary by publishing our brand new web site, the first-ever guidebook to the path online.

The new site covers nearly 400km (250 miles) of walking trail across more than 30 communities in a region where few imagine themselves traveling, let alone walking. The Arab Spring has hardened the well-known and preconceived images of the Middle East. But even if they are not tweeted and televised with the same vigor, we know there are also signs of hope, if you look past the news headlines, if you experience the hospitality of the region, and especially the humble act of walking.

The online guidebook highlights where that can be done and how. It is a work of passion, modesty and honesty, far from perfect, and shining a light both on what is and what can be. The online guidebook brings the path to life through stories and photography, guidance and advice, free open source stage maps, GPS tracks, and information on guides, hosts and tour operators. Our local partners in the Ajloun, Nablus, Jericho, Bethlehem and Hebron regions have already planned a fall and spring season of day walks on the path and we invite those of you who live and travel nearby to join!

The first long-distance walking trail across the Middle East is taking shape footstep by footstep, community by community; it is neither complete nor fully contiguous or all way-marked, but it is coming to life thanks to the work of our local partners in the region, to the path hosts that guide people along the trail, and homestay hosts that open up their houses to the wandering traveler. The work is a dedication to them, the people of this beautiful region.

I invite you to explore!


Walk good,

Stefan Szepesi

Executive Director

Abraham Path Initiative