Denmark and the Holocaust. Danish State Information Centre, 2003

?Denmark and the Holocaust? is a genuine addition to what we know about Denmark in this dark period and our knowledge about the persecution of the Jews in Europe. It brings together original research by a new generation of historians and challenges many cherished myths about Denmark's conduct towards Jewish refugees from Nazism and the attitude of Danes towards the Third Reich. But this is a sober reappraisal that avoids polemic, and it is grounded in meticulous research. Denmark's reputation for tolerance, democracy and resistance is not downgraded, but it is now balanced by an honest appreciation of how on occasion humanity faltered in Denmark, too, and how the temptations of Nazism held an attraction for some Danes as they did for millions of others throughout Europe.

Dr. David Cesarani, Parkes-Wiener Professor of Twentieth-Century Jewish History and Culture, University of Southampton