Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Confraternidad Judeo-Cristiana del Uruguay

On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, ICCJ's member organization, the Confraternidad Judeo-Cristiana del Uruguay organized an excellent program called “Second Latin American Encounter” last October 29th and 30th.

Delegates from the Confraternities of Argentina, Brazil and Chile attented the meeting and participated in the development of the program. I participated not only as a delegate of the Confraternidad in Chile but also as a representative of the ICCJ, and had the opportunity to read the greetings especially sent by the General Secretary of the ICCJ, Anette Adelmann, during the opening session that took place in the Aula Magna of the Pontifical Catholic University of Uruguay.

The solemn opening ceremony was presided over by co-presidents Rabbi Daniel Dolinsky, Reverend Jerónimo Granados and Monsignor Arturo Fajardo and marked by the distinguished attendance of various religious leaders as well as authorities of the local Jewish Community, along with representatives of the Uruguayan Parliament such as Senator Carmen Asiain.

The working sessions, which included high-level and in-depth presentations, were framed under the slogan of analyzing the challenges presented in the view towards the future of the work that the confraternities do in the region.

They shared some of the topics presented during the last annual ICCJ Conference held in Budapest and the list of topics that are part of the agenda of the regional confraternities as well as those of ICCJ member organizations on other continents.

The encounter allowed us to witness the life of the Confraternidad Judeo Cristiana del Uruguay since its establishment 60 years ago, mentioning and paying homage to those who were its initiators and to those who during the journey have been called to their eternal rest.

The opportunity generated by this Second Latin American Encounter allowed the participating delegations to exchange ideas and proposals in order to continue advancing and strengthening the bonds and joint agendas among the national organizations of the countries in the region.

In several moments, throughout the meeting, mention was made of the work of the ICCJ, highlighting the twork that it promotes in the international theme of the Jewish-Christian dialogue and pointing out the continuous interaction between the regional confraternities and the contents of the Seelisberg declaration and of the 12 Points of Berlin – themes that were also integrated in several of the presentations that were shared with the attendees.

Undoubtedly, every opportunity for personal encounter, supported and accompanied -as in this case- by a large attendance of local religious leaders and academics, strengthens and motivates those of us who are committed to the dynamic and continuous progress of the Jewish-Christian dialogue.

Editorial remarks

Shmuel Szteinhendler is member of the ICCJ Executive Board.
Source: ICCJ.