British Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ) and Board of Deputies of British Jews criticizes US Travel Ban

On January 31st, 2017, the Council of Christians and Jews released the following statement on the recent US travel ban:

As Christians and Jews we have learnt from history that when borders are shut to those who are fleeing persecution great suffering ensues. Discrimination on the grounds of religion or national origin is always wrong. We stand together with our Muslim friends and colleagues and those of all faith and none to ensure that the humanity of the other is valued and respected. Policy making should always take our common humanity into account.

Already one day earlier, January 30, 2017, the Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush condemned Donald Trump's executive order on refugees. He said:

“As I stated yesterday, bans based on national origin are indiscriminate and unjust. They would be unlawful in U.K. law. While we all understand the need to properly check those who enter our countries, this needs to be balanced with compassion towards the plight of those fleeing for their lives.

This is a dismaying beginning to a new US Administration. Good government needs cool, rational judgments delivered professionally, not hasty policy-making on the hoof. All those who respect and admire the USA’s commitment to freedom will call on President Trump to review this misconceived Executive Order.”


Editorial remarks

Sources: CCJ; Board of Deputies.