Barbaric Attack on Synagogues in Istanbul

ICCJ Press Release ? On behalf of its 38 member organisations worldwide the International Council of Christians and Jews (ICCJ) strongly condemns the barbaric attack on two synagogues in Istanbul at a time when members of the Jewish community joined in prayer became victims of  the devastating explosion, which also struck their Muslim neighbours going about their ordinary business.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the Jewish community and to all Muslim families whose members suffered death and injury from this gruesome terrorist attack.

The growing enmity towards Jews, the increasing attacks against people and institutions in the Maghreb, in Africa and in the Near East ought to awake all nations in the region and worldwide to the need that  everything possible, including criminal prosecution,  must be undertaken to cause a halt to these abhorrent and purely destructive forces.

It obliges all Abrahamic faith communities, Muslims, Christians and Jews, to engage more forcefully in efforts to ensure that such attacks on humane society, on human dignity and understanding between the religions and cultures, including the endeavours to give theological credence and legitimacy to such evil acts of grim terror, are repelled and overcome by all possible means. Equally, all possible means must be sought to further every endeavour to create peaceful co-existence in freedom and in mutual respect.


Rev. Prof. Dr John T. Pawlikowski, ICCJ President
Rabbi Ehud Bandel, Vice-President
Sr Margaret Shepherd, Chairperson ICCJ International Committee
Prof. Dr Stefan Schreiner, Chairperson ICCJ Abrahamic Forum Council
Rev. Friedhelm Pieper, ICCJ General Secretary

Heppenheim, Germany, 17 November 2003