ICCJ News: Chicago Conference Report, News from Member Countries

The latest newsletter from the International Council of Christians and Jews (No. 30, Autumn/Winter 2005) presents a detailed report on the 2005 ICCJ International Conference, held in Chicago, as well as reports from ICCJ member organizations in 17 countries.  Edited by Ruth Weyl, ICCJ News is issued by the ICCJ from its headquarters at the Martin Buber House in Heppenheim, Germany.  This is the first issue the full contents of which is being posted online in downloadable and printable .pdf format.

No 30, Autumn/
Winter 2005

From the International Council of Christians and Jews at the Martin Buber House, Heppenheim, Germany

Patron: Sir Sigmund Sternberg, OStJ, KCSG, President: Rev. Prof. Dr John T. Pawlikowski, Vice-Presidents: Rabbi Ehud Bandel, Gunnel Borgegård Treasurer: Edwin Green, Members: Bishop Luis del Castillo, Rabbi Dr Andrew Goldstein, Rev. Dick Pruiksma, Prof. Dr Stefan Schreiner, Sr Margaret Shepherd

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