200 quotations – Interfaith Dialogue

A collection of 200 dialogue and dialogue-related quotations, gathered from a wide range of sources – ancient and modern.

This anthology touches on numerous issues including diversity, pluralism, unity, global consciousness, anti-racism, justice, transformation and listening. You will find these quotations to be useful for group reflection, writing projects, workshops, conferences and as a permanent reference document. Please consider forwarding this document to your colleagues and linking to it on your website:

Quotations Compiled by Paul McKenna

Editor: Paul McKenna
Editorial consultants: Chris Atkinson, Kathy Gillis, Leslie Mezei, Rev. Michelle Singh, Rev. David Warren SFM
Graphic designer: Kathy Gillis
Design consultants: Chris Atkinson, Hector Acero Ferrer, Gregory McKenna, Leslie Mezei, Kathy Murtha, Rev. Michelle Singh, Vaughn Thurman, Karen Watson

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You are free to reprint quotations from this document for educational, non-commercial purposes. We encourage you to share this document with others and to link to it on your website.
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Published by Scarboro Missions.

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Editorische Anmerkungen

Source: Scarboro Missions, Canada.