ICCJ Conference 2004 in Aachen, Germany

The International Council of Christians and Jews will hold it's 2004 Annual Conference this year in Aachen, Germany, from 18 to 21 July. The theme of the conference will be BORDERS. Existing Borders: Current limits of dialogue; Testing and recognizing borders. Trespassing Borders and Beyond Borders: Presentation and misrepresentation of the Other in the media; The diplomacy of dialogue. Creating New Borders and Moving Boundaries: The descent into new ghettos through introversion; Imposing one's concept on the Other.

The conference will be small and highly participatory and explore how we define boundaries, their possibilities and the need to define or hopefully to extend the status quo of interreligious relations today. While the very nature of this consultation type conference means restricted participation of about 80 people mainly from the ICCJ member organisations, applications for participation will be considered. For more information see the link above.