Henrix, Hans Hermann

Hans Hermann Henrix is the Director of the Episcopal Academy of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Aachen, Germany, an institution of adult education and formation. He studied economics at the Albert-Magnus University in Cologne and theology at the universities of Frankfurt, St. Georgen, Innsbruck and Munster. He received his Diploma in Theology in 1969 and began his professional career as Assistant Director of the Academy in Aachen. He became its lecturer on the Theology of Ecumenism in 1970, and Director in 1988. In 2000 he received an honorary doctorate in philosophy from the University of Osnabrueck, Department of Educational and Cultural Studies. Dr. Henrix is the chairman of the Board of the Catholic Academies in Germany. The emphasis of his theological work lies in ecumenism, especially questions concerning the relationship between the Church and the Jewish People or Judaism. From 1985 to 1987 he was the Catholic president of the German Coordinating Council of the Associations for Christian-Jewish Cooperation. Since 1977 he has been a member of the working group "Jews and Christians" of the Central Committee of Roman Catholics in Germany and since 1978 also of the similar group of the Protestant "Kirchentag". Since 1979 he has been consultant to the German Conference of Catholic Bishops on questions of Judaism, and since 1990 a member of the International Catholic-Jewish Liaison Committee, representing the Holy See. Dr. Henrix has lectured at universities, academic institutions and international conferences throughout Europe, Israel and the United States. He has edited and co-edited many books, including two volumes of statements on Christian-Jewish relations, Die Kirchen und das Judentum: Dokumente 1945-1985 (1988; with Rolf Rendtorff) and Die Kirchen und das Judentum: Band II, Dokumente 1986-2000 (2001; with Wolfgang Kraus). He has also published some seventy articles and essays in German and English in various books and journals. He is a member of the editorial boards of Freiburger Rundbrief and Kirche und Israel.