Obituaries for Martin Stöhr

JCR | 02.01.2020

The ICCJ and the ecumenical movement mourn the death of Martin Stöhr. … [more]

Confronting Difficult Issues around Religion and the Holocaust

JCR | 01.01.2020

2020 Annual Seminar on Ethics, Religion, and the Holocaust. June 15–19, 2020. Application deadline: February 14, 2020 … [more]

Germany: Hetty Berg Named New Director of the Jewish Museum in Berlin

JCR | 01.12.2019

Dutch curator and museum manager Hetty Berg has been appointed the new Director of the Jewish Museum in Berlin. … [more]

Antisemitic Attack in Halle, Germany

JCR | 01.11.2019

The International Council of Christians and Jews (ICCJ) echoes the statement by its German national member organization - Deutscher Koordinierungsrat (DKR) - on the terror attack in Halle, Germany.[more]

Parallel Traces: New EU-funded Jewish heritage project aims to promote awareness through digital art

JCR | 01.05.2019

A new, EU-funded Jewish heritage project, Parallel Traces: A New Lens on Jewish Heritage, aims to encourage awareness of urban Jewish heritage through digital art — photographs, audio and visual presentations, and the like. … [more]

Religious freedom advocates call on elected leaders to protect the ability to practice faith without fear

JCR | 01.05.2019

More than one hundred and forty religious liberty advocates from across the religious and political spectrum delivered a letter today to the White House and Congress asking elected leaders to ensure that individuals and communities are able to practice their religion without fear for their physical safety. … [more]

Leo Baeck Summer University 2019 - Jewish Berlin - Past and Present

JCR | 01.04.2019

We still have a few free places and scholarships to offer! The deadline for applications has been postponed to April 15, 2019! … [more]

The Church is not afraid of history

JCR | 01.04.2019

Pope Francis announces opening of the Vatican Archives for the Pontificate of Pius XII on March 2, 2020. … [more]

Plan Together – Experience Exchange!

JCR | 01.03.2019

Youth associations and youth education experts have been planning German-Israeli encounter programs for more than 60 years. Good practice is passed on, however, time and again questions on "Why?", "What?", "Who?", "Where?" and "How?"emerge in the process of planning the program which to answer is challenging not only for newcomers. A comprehensive answer to them has not been written anywhere – until now. … [more]

Pope Francis: Preface to "La Bibbia dell'Amicizia"

JCR | 01.02.2019

On Friday, January 18, 2019, the book, La Bibbia dell'Amicizia: Brani della Torah/Pentateuco commentati da ebrei e cristiani ("The Bible of Friendship: Passages of the Torah / Pentateuch commented upon by Jews and Christians"), edited by Marco Cassuto Morselli and Giulio Michelini, has been published in Italy. It is the result of a project supported by the Italian Episcopal Conference. … [more]