Removing Anti-Jewish Polemic from our Christian Lectionaries: A Proposal

Beck, Norman A.

A New Testament scholar examines the problem of anti-Jewish polemic in the weekly scripture portions read in Catholic and Protestant churches and proposes a new lectionary that avoids such material. … [more]

Jewish Voices About Jesus

Bodendorfer, Gerhard

The rediscovery of Jesus by Jewish scholars is often influenced by preconditions of Christian dogmatics concerned with messianic concepts and lofty titles. A new discussion is necessary that avoids Christological presuppositions. … [more]

Theology and Literature (2) – Serge Liberman, Voices from the Corner: A Response

Brady, Veronica

Veronica Brady, a professor of English and member of the Loreto order (Australia), explores the theological significance of the work of Serge Liberman, author of The Messiah in Acland Street and other stories. … [more]

Fundamentalism: A Christian Perspective

Braybrooke, Markus

A British symposium on the nature and role of Fundamentalism in the three monotheistic faiths. See also: Fundamentalism: A Jewish Perspective and Fundamentalism: An Islamic Perspective. … [more]

Gophna to Galilee: The Bridge between Christian Beginnings and Jewish Rebirth

Carrington, Cliff

Cliff Carrington (Australia) explores the significance of the Academy at Jamnia for the formation of rabbinic Judaism and some possible connections to early Christianity. … [more]

I Shall See Your Image in a Waking Vision'

Cohen, Martin Samuel

Psalm 17:15 'Esbe'ah Behaqitz Temunatekhah. A chapter from Rabbi Cohen's book, Travels on the Road Not Taken: Towards a Bible-Based Theory of Jewish Spirituality. … [more]

Antisemitism: An Enduring Problem in Western Society

Davies, Alan T.

The many mythological layers of Jew-hatred -- 'the oldest hatred of the world.' … [more]

Theology and Literature (4) - An Alien on Wallstreet

Freadman, Richard

Richard Freadman, Professor and Head of the School of English at La Trobe University (Australia) offers a Jewish reading of Herman Melville’s novel Bartleby the Scrivener: A Tale of Wall Street. … [more]

Paul's Contradictions  - Can They Be Resolved?

Gager, John G.

John Gager, Professor of Religion at Princeton University and author of Reinventing Paul (Oxford University Press, 2000), proposes a method of resolving the seeming contradictions in Paul's attitude toward the Jews and Judaism. … [more]

Sola Scriptura

Gaston, Lloyd

Is the so-called New Testament a canon, a corpus of writings seen as authoritative unity? The establishment of the NT as canon went hand in hand with the demotion of the OT Scripture to subordinate status. … [more]