Remembering the Covenant: Judaism in an Anglican Theology of Interfaith Relations

Michael Ipgrave* | 01.10.2018

The question I begin with is this: “Does Anglican theology treat Christian-Jewish relations as a special case within interfaith relations?” There is an obvious answer to that question, which is: “Yes. … [more]

Transforming “Divine Mystery” into “faith and reason”.

Lisa Palmieri-Billig* | 01.09.2018

Benedict XVI on Catholic-Jewish relations-reactions. … [more]

Reorienting Jewish-Christian Relations and Dialogue

S. Wesley Ariarajah* | 01.09.2018

It is very appropriate that we have been celebrating the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate – the “Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions” promulgated towards the end of the Second Vatican Council. By any measure, this was a landmark declaration that officially put the Roman Catholic relations to people of other religious traditions on a firm new footing. … [more]

Christianity’s Original Sin?

Tatha Wiley* | 30.06.2018

Can the church itself be guilty of sin? In 1994, Pope John Paul II addressed that question.[1] He distinguished between the sins of individuals and that of the church. The church as such does not sin, according to John Paul. Individuals do, and repentance is essential for forgiveness. … [more]

Feminism as Meeting Point

Helene Egnell* | 31.05.2018

Feminism has indeed been a meeting point for Jewish and Christian women, even though their sisterhood has been as ambiguous as any sisterly relationship. From the beginnings of modern religious feminism, it has been a common project for Jews and Christians – but Christian feminist theology still has not always managed to avoid the pitfalls of classical Christian anti-Judaism. However, the joint efforts of Christian and Jewish feminists can revitalize and offer new perspectives to Jewish-Christian dialogue. … [more]

Jerusalem: The Catholic Church and the Holy City

David Neuhaus* | 30.04.2018

Pope Francis spoke about Jerusalem at his general audience on December 6, 2017, just a few hours before US President Donald Trump affirmed that his government recognizes Jerusalem as “the capital of Israel”. Pope Francis said: … [more]

Not the Same, Not the Other in the Same Way as Any Other: Praying the Psalms and the Jewish-Christian Relationship

Jeremy Worthen* | 30.04.2018


Making Sanctuary for the Divine: Exploring Melissa Raphael’s Holocaust Theology



Confessions of a Jewish Ecumenist

Deborah Weissman | 31.01.2018

I often joke that I have probably attended more World Council of Churches functions than any other Jew in the world. I feel that I owe the WCC a great debt of gratitude. In June of 1988, through the WCC, I underwent a life-transforming experience. … [more]

Bridge over Troubled Water: Towards a Journey of Friendship

Eeuwout van der Linden | 30.11.2017

Subsequent another contribution of a series of articles (see: part one, part two, part three, part four) that features a dozen Christian and Jewish theologians reflecting on the state of Jewish-Christian relations today and whether there exists a “special relationship” between the two religious traditions. The articles were first published in CURRENT DIALOGUE No. 58, 2016, edited by the World Council of Churches and are republished with kind permission.
JCR … [more]