From God's Perspective we are all Minorities

Stendahl, Krister

A lecture delivered at the Center for the Study of World Religions, Harvard University. … [more]

Qumran and Supersessionism — And the Road Not Taken

Stendahl, Krister

The driving force behind supersessionism is the claim to the true, authentic, and only legitimate continuity to the inherited history. But when Christianity - and less directly Islam - fell heir to the Biblical tradition and coupled their supersessionist claims with universal assertions, the road was open for a mind set that led to crusades and jihad, pogroms and worse.' Is it possible 'for Christians and Muslims to fathom that Christianization, or Islamization, of the world might not be God’s ultimate goal.' … [more]

Saint Paul and the Jews

Stendahl, Krister

...perhaps the Jesus movement, for which he had become a witness to the gentiles, was actually, in the plan and scheme of God, going to be a gentile movement! It had not been so conceived in the beginning, not even by Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles.' … [more]

Relations between the Russian Orthodox Church and Judaism: Past and Present

Tabak, Yuri

A survey of 1200 years of Christian-Jewish relations in Russia, including the need for a renewal of Christian life and thought today to overcome age-old antagonism. … [more]

Re-reading Paul.

Council of Christians and Jews, Victoria, Australia

Further Guidelines for Christian Clergy and Teachers in their use of the New Testament with reference to the New Testament's presentation of Jews and Judaism. … [more]

Torah, Israel, Jesus, Church - Today

van Buren, Paul M.

A rethinking of the relationships between these fundamental terms in light of the Jewish-Christian dialogue. … [more]

Covenantal Pluralism?

van Buren, Paul M.

When revelation is seen in its covenantal aspect as the grounding of a covenantal community in its relationship to God, it loses its unidirectional character. Being covenantal, it is always dialectical, constituted not simply by a divine act from above, but also by a human contribution from below. … [more]

Divine Plurality: The Invitation of the Trinitarian Dogma

van Buren, Paul M.

The doctrine of the Trinity, indeed the dogma, is in serious need of attention, and not least because, instead of being our joyous confession of God-with-us, Emmanuel, and so of our identity before God, it has become a problem for most Christians. … [more]

Theology and Literature (1) – Franz Kafka

Wardlaw, Henry R.

Rev. Henry R. Wardlaw, Emeritus Professor at the Uniting Church Theological Hall, Melbourne, Australia, discusses the relation of Franz Kafka and his writings to the Jewish tradition of faith. … [more]

Beyond the Hebrew Bible: The Formation of the New Testament Canon

Watson, Nigel

The Scriptures' in the New Testament regularly refers to the Christian reading of the Jewish Scriptures. The Canon is the list of sacred books that serves as the rule of Christian faith and life. … [more]