Paul and Jerusalem

Gaston, Lloyd

The theology of the Jerusalem church had no future and cannot be revived today, while the theology of Paul triumphed to such an extent that it is only with difficulty that we can recover the theology of Jerusalem. … [more]

Has Franz Rosenzweig's Time Come?

Goldman, David

Eighty years ago, the German-Jewish theologian Franz Rosenzweig contended that Christianity cannot succeed in the absence of Jews. Not merely the written Hebrew Bible, but the presence of the living Jewish people, 'convert the inner pagan' inside each Christian. … [more]

Wartime Orthodox Jewish Thought About the Holocaust: Christian Implications

Greenberg, Gershon

Orthodox Jewish thinkers presumed an ontic-level dualism between the sacred world of Israel and the profane world outside, including Christianity. However, some exceptional thinkers looked to historical developments and distinguished medieval-modern Christianity, which was co-opted by paganism, from original Christianity, which drew from Jewish roots. … [more]

Feminist Theology and Jewish-Christian Dialogue

Grohmann, Marianne

Confrontation, shock and rethinking in feminist theologies. The struggle to correct anti-Judaic prejudices. … [more]

Powerlessness of God? A Critical Appraisal of Hans Jonas’s Idea of God after Auschwitz

Henrix, Hans Hermann

How can we still speak of a powerful and loving God after Auschwitz? Hans Jonas (1903-1993) dealt with this question from a Jewish point of view in his famous essay 'The Idea of God after Auschwitz.' A Christian theologian here discusses Jonas' provocative notion of a 'self-limiting God.' … [more]

Fundamentalism: An Islamic Perspective

Hussain, Asaf

A British symposium on the nature and role of Fundamentalism in the three monotheistic faiths. See also: A Cristian Response and A Jewish Perspective. … [more]

Matthew's Gospel and Judaism

Lee, Dorothy A.

Whether or not antisemitism exists in the text of the Gospel, it is undeniable that Matthew has been interpreted, in many Christian quarters, in an antisemitic way. Sometimes such interpretations have been unconscious. … [more]

Jesus the Jew

Loader, William

An approach by an historian of the early Christian writings, commonly called the New Testament of the Christian Bible, and of the social, cultural and religious world in which these writings emerged. … [more]

Franz Rosenzweig 1886-1929

Lux, Rüdiger

A biographical sketch of Rosenzweig, who needs to be re-discovered by Jews and Christians and for the modern Christian-Jewish dialogue. … [more]

Jesus and the Jews - Today

Marmur, Dow

A lecture Rabbi Marmur of Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto gave at Regis College, Toronto. … [more]