Jewish-Christian Relations: From Historical Past to Theological Future

Goshen-Gottstein, Alon | 31.12.2002

Rabbi Alon Goshen-Gottstein, director of the Elijah School for the Study of Wisdom in World Religions in Jerusalem, describes Christian-Jewish relations as characterized by the healing of past wounds and the building of trust. … [more]

Anti-Semitism, the Shoah and the Church. A study of a German-Catholic Working Group (1996)

German-Catholic Working Group (1996) | 30.11.2002

A study of a German-Catholic Working Group (1996): Prof. Dr. Willehad P. Eckert OP, Düsseldorf, Akademiedirektor Hans Herman Henrix, Aachen, Abt Dr. Laurentius Klein OSB, Trier/Jerusalem, Prof. Dr. Dr. Karlheinz Müller, Würzburg, Prof. Dr. Franz Mussner, Paassau, Oberstudiendirektor a. D. Werner Trutwin, Bonn, Pfr. Dr. Michael Ulrich, Dresden, Prof. Dr. Herbert Vorgrimler, Münster, Prof. Dr. Erich Zenger, Münster. … [more]

Speaking of God after Auschwitz

Sherman, Franklin | 31.10.2002

An exploration of various conceptions of God's power and goodness and how they may or may not help believers grapple with the horror of Auschwitz. … [more]

Towards an Anamnestic Culture

Manemann, Jürgen | 31.07.2002

A contribution to a theology 'after Auschwitz and the Gulag Archipelago.' … [more]

Levinas and the Other Side of Theology

Veling, Terry | 31.07.2002

Prof. Terence Veling of the University of St. Thomas, Miami (U.S.A.) explores the implications of the Jewish philosopher Emmanuel Levinas's concept of transcendence. … [more]

Christology after Auschwitz: A Catholic Perspective

Pollefeyt, Didier | 30.06.2002

Prof. Didier Pollefeyt of the Faculty of Theology of the Catholic University of Louvain examines the implications for Christology of an emphasis on the continuity or discontinuity between Judaism and Christianity. … [more]

Feminist Torah Exegesis

Fuchs-Kreimer, Nancy | 30.04.2002

Rabbi Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College reviews various strategies for interpreting Torah texts in the light of feminist concerns. … [more]

On Re-Reading Paul

Byrne, Brendon | 31.03.2002

Prof. Brendan Byrne, S.J., reflects on the response to the Australian Council of Christians and Jews' study document Re-Reading Paul, of which he was a principal author, and reviews the chief elements of the 'New Perspective on Paul.' … [more]

Re-imaging the Christian-Jewish Relationship

Pawlikowski, John T. O.S.M. | 31.03.2002

Prof. John T. Pawlikowski surveys the changes in the image of Jesus' relation to his Jewish context in recent New Testament scholarship and their implications for Christian-Jewish relations. … [more]

Bearing Faithful Witness' Part 1

The United Church of Canada | 19.08.1997

A Study Paper for an understanding of the Scriptures in their Jewish context and for an interpretation that is not anti-Judaic. Only the first, theological parts are at this site. The complete United Church of Canada document can be found at the Web site of the United Church of Canada: … [more]