Blindness or Insight? The Jewish Rejection of Jesus Christ

Signer, Michael A. | 31.01.2004

Rabbi Michael Signer, Abrams Professor in the Department of Theology at Notre Dame University, reviews some classic Jewish responses to the historical figure of Jesus and to Christian claims about him, and highlights the opportunity for productive new conversations about such issues between Jews and Christians. … [more]

Antisemitism: A Wound to be Healed. Reflections for the Fourth European Day of Jewish Culture

Kasper, Walter | 31.10.2003

Cardinal Walter Kasper, President of the Vatican's Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, reviews the fundamental relation of the church and Christianity to the Jews and Judaism, affirming the ongoing validity of God's covenant with the Jewish people and decrying any form of antisemitism.   … [more]

God the Father in Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity: Transformed Background or Common Ground?

Goshen-Gottstein, Alon | 30.09.2003

Rabbi Alon Goshen-Gottstein of the Elijah School for the Study of Wisdom in World Religions notes that despite their common background, the Christian understanding of divine fatherhood in relation to Jesus, rather than as a universal metaphor, is deeply at odds with the Jewish understanding. … [more]

On Christianity: Towards a Process of Historical and Spiritual Healing – Understanding the Other as a Person of God

Klenicki, Leon | 31.08.2003

I see it every time I leave the synagogue. On Saturday morning after services, while going home, it is there, waiting for me, challenging me. It is the cross of a nearby church. Why does it disturb me? … [more]

The Jewish People and their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible:
A Response to the Pontifical Biblical Commission Document

Kessler, Edward | 31.07.2003

Dr. Edward Kessler, Director of the Centre for Jewish-Christian Relations, Cambridge, England, reviews the Pontifical Biblical Commission's 2002 statement on the role and authority of the Hebrew Scriptures for Christians and the New Testament view of the Jews and Judaism. … [more]

The Catholic Church and the Jewish People

Keeler, William H. | 31.07.2003

In his address to the 2003 Annual Conference of the International Council of Christians and Jews in Utrecht, Cardinal William H. Keeler, Archbishop of Baltimore, Maryland (USA) reviews recent developments in Catholic-Jewish relations, with special attention to the contributions of Pope John Paul II. … [more]

The Holocaust: Does It Have Significance for Ethics Today

Pawlikowski, John T. | 30.06.2003

A discussion of the implications of the Shoah for basic questions of personal and political ethics, including an overview of recent scholarly work on the subject.     … [more]

A Message for a Secularized World

Comeau, Geneviève | 30.04.2003

Sister Geneviève Comeau of the Centre Sèvres in Paris addresses the question, ?What message can we, Jews and Christians, give to the modern secularized world?? … [more]

Jews and Christians: Intolerance and Creative Competition in the Middle Ages

Saperstein, Marc | 30.04.2003

Prof. Marc Saperstein of George Washington University offers a fresh view of the relation between Christians and Jews in medieval Europe, asking whether, beyond the well-known competition and conflict, these traditions ever recognized anything of value in the other religion and society. … [more]

Universalist Trends in Jewish Religious Thought: Some Russian Perspectives

Agursky, Mikhail | 31.03.2003

The author presents the views of four prominent Russian Jewish thinkers from the 19th and 20th centuries on the proper relation of Jews and Judaism to the surrounding culture. … [more]