Jesus the Jew

Loader, William

An approach by an historian of the early Christian writings, commonly called the New Testament of the Christian Bible, and of the social, cultural and religious world in which these writings emerged. … [more]

Franz Rosenzweig 1886-1929

Lux, Rüdiger

A biographical sketch of Rosenzweig, who needs to be re-discovered by Jews and Christians and for the modern Christian-Jewish dialogue. … [more]

Jesus and the Jews - Today

Marmur, Dow

A lecture Rabbi Marmur of Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto gave at Regis College, Toronto. … [more]

From Civility to Piety: An Agenda for Postmodern Judaism

Marmur, Dow

Civil religion, the outcome of modernity, is not sufficient for life in the postmodern world. A return to premodern ways is not possible. Modernity has to be affirmed, but it should not be embraced. The article calls for a move beyond civil religion, 'from horizontal to vertical transcendence', which is relevant for both Jews and Christians of all branches of Judaism and the church. … [more]

Halachah and Reform Judaism

Marmur, Dow

This essay tries to describe some lines of demarcation between the holy and the profane, the permitted and the prohibited. Although we may be living in a 'post-halachic' age, we must still take halachah seriously, for Jewish law, even when no longer operative, still forms the very foundation of our tradition. … [more]

The Gospel of Mark and Judaism

McFarlane, Robert

Mark could be a helpful source in considering the relationship between Judaism and Christianity at an early point in the process of ‘the parting of the ways’ than that represented by the other gospels. … [more]

From Jewish Movement to Gentile Church

McLaren, James

Exploring the formative and definitive developments. At what point in time can we appropriately speak of these followers as part of a religion that was gentile as opposed to it being a movement within the umbrella of Judaism? … [more]

What we miss about God, when we miss the Jews

Minz, Karl-Heinz

A Catholic systematic theologian discusses 'some inextricable and open questions as they present themselves today within Catholic theology and the Catholic Church'. The 'absence of the Jews' in Christian theology. … [more]

Works Righteousness and the Synagogue of Satan

Mitchell, Nigel B.

Rethinking Christian Caricatures of 1st Century Judaism. The Christian story cannot be told, in classroom or pulpit, without reference to 'the Jews'. In the last 50 years, many crude racist stereotypes have almost entirely disappeared from the language and mindset of popular Christianity, but the pejorative depiction of 'the Jews''in much of the New Testament ensures that negative attitudes to Jews and Judaism continue to be promulgated as part of the Christian message. … [more]

Theology after Auschwitz. A Provisional Program

Mussner, Franz

Theology after Auschwitz cannot be identical with theology before Auschwitz. Theology after Auschwitz takes appalled cognizance of the terrible events of the Shoah. … [more]