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Dr. Philip Matyszak of Cambridge, England, has been appointed Webmaster of and Prof. Jean Duhaime of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, has been appointed French Language Editor. … [more]

ICCJ Annual International Conference 2004


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International Catholic-Jewish Liaison Committee Meets in Buenos Aires



Prizes Offered to U.S. Students for Essays on Common Ground Between Jews and Christians



Norwegians To Rally Against Terrorism and Antisemitism



Parliament of World?s Religions Announces Further Details of July 7-13 Meeting



Texas Faith and Order Conference Discusses Role of Abraham in Three Faiths



ICCJ Conference 2004 in Aachen, Germany



U.S. Catholic Bishops Publish Texts on “The Bible, the Jews, and the Death of Jesus”



Statement on Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ

Christian Jewish Dialogue in Montreal (CJDM) | 25.02.2004

Like all art works based on historical events, Mel Gibson's film The Passion of the Christ may create the illusion that it faithfully reproduces the details of Jesus' Passion with its cruelty and violence. Viewers may be left with the impression that without the Jews, these things never would have happened. … [more]