Guidelines for Lutheran-Jewish Relations

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America | 16.11.1998

Adopted by the ELCA Church Council at its meeting on November 16, 1998. An outgrowth of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America?s April 1994 Declaration to the Jewish Community. … [more]

Time to Turn' - The Evangelical Churches A.B. and H.B. in Austria and the Jews

Evangelical [Protestant] Church in Austria | 05.11.1998

Declaration of the General Synod. Vienna, Nov. 4, 1998 … [more]

Inviting the members of the Uniting Church in Australia to ongoing dialogue

Uniting Church in Australia | 31.07.1997

Report of a Task Group received by the Eighth Assembly of the UCA July 1997 … [more]

Building New Bridges in Hope

General Conference of the United Methodist Church (U.S.A.) | 15.12.1996

1996. The document recognizes a special relationship between Christians and Jews because of shared roots in biblical revelation. … [more]

Australian Lutherans: A statement on Lutherans and Jews

Council of Presidents of the Lutheran Church of Australia | 30.09.1996

In keeping with similar approaches of Lutheran churches in other countries recognising the need to address the prejudices inherited from the past. September 1996 … [more]

Resolution on Jewish Evangelism

Southern Baptist Convention | 14.06.1996

In June of 1996 the Southern Baptist Convention adopted a resolution affirming the Convention's commitment to evangelize Jews. In response the NY bishops issued a statement affirming the commitment of their communions to Jewish-Christian Dialogue. … [more]

A call to do something about possible anti-Jewish feelings within the Church

British Columbia Conference of the United Church of Canada | 04.05.1996

A Resolution passed on May 4, 1996 … [more]

A statement of the ELCIC to the Jewish Community in Canada

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada | 17.07.1995

The document includes the 1984 statement of the Lutheran World Federation … [more]

A statement

Alliance of Baptists | 04.03.1995

Adopted Saturday March 4, 1995 … [more]

Declaration of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to the Jewish Community

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America | 18.04.1994

18.04.94 … [more]