Text of the Letter to the Pope from Edith Stein

Stein, Edith | 21.02.2003

Holy Father! As a child of the Jewish people who, by the grace of God, for the past eleven years has also been a child of the Catholic Church, I dare to speak to the Father of Christendom about that which oppresses millions of Germans. For weeks we have seen deeds perpetrated in Germany which mock any sense of justice and humanity, not to mention love of neighbor. For years the leaders of National Socialism have been preaching hatred of the Jews. … [more]

A New Antisemitism?

Sacks, Jonathan | 31.01.2003

Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (London) surveys recent incidents of antisemitism and explores the root causes of the phenomenon. … [more]

Building a Positive Versus a Negative Identity

Bebe, Pauline | 31.12.2002

Rabbi Pauline Bebe of Paris, France, explores various understandings of Jewish identity. … [more]

Interreligious Relations in the Wake of September 11

Ucko, Hans | 27.11.2002

ICCJ International Conference in Riga 26-30 May 2002 … [more]

Toward a Dialogue of Civilizations

Sacks, Jonathan; Swidler, Leonard | 31.10.2002

Prof. Leonard Swidler engages Rabbi Jonathan Sacks in a discussion of how a 'clash of civilizations' can be avoided and sets forth his theory of 'deep dialogue.' … [more]

What can Jews and Christians hope for when they meet?

Lustiger, Jean-Marie | 30.04.2002

The Cardinal Archbishop of Paris explores how Christians and Jews can deepen their understanding of themselves and the "other" as they meet in dialogue. … [more]

The Relevance of Western Post-Holocaust Theology to the Thought and Practice of the Russian Orthodox Church

Hackel, Sergii | 31.03.2002

Archpriest Dr. Sergii Hackel of the Russian Orthodox Church challenges his church to confront the 'endemic antisemitism' in Slavic lands and to re-evaluate its theology in the light of the Shoah. … [more]

God Doesn't Change His Choice

Kessler, Edward | 28.02.2002

Dr. Edward Kessler, Director of the Centre for Jewish-Christian Relations in Cambridge, England, argues against "Replacement Theology", i.e., the teaching that since the time of Jesus the Jews have been replaced by the Christians in God's favor, and that all God's promises to the Jews have been inherited by Christianity. … [more]

Spiritual and Ethical Commitment in Jewish-Christian Dialogue

Kasper, Walter | 11.07.2001

Cardinal Walter Kasper gave the Keynote Address at the 2001 International Conference of the International Council of Christians and Jews Montevideo, Uruguay, 12 July, 2001. … [more]

Speaking for Interfaith Dialogue

Porter, Beth | 26.01.2000

A personal account of transformation through interfaith encounter. … [more]