What about Christian Jews or Jewish Christians?

Voll, Fritz

Church-Jewish relationships depend upon direct relations between the churches and Jewish groups. Messianic Jews, Hebrew Christians or Jews for Jesus have to be accepted in their own right but are not representative of either the Jewish community or the churches. Night of the Broken Glass (Reichskristallnacht) … [more]

Weaving Peace

Waskow, Arthur

Rabbi Waskow interprets the meaning of the Pinhas story in Numbers 25 and the weaving of the Jewish tzitzit in its relation to peace-making. … [more]

From Maimonides

Melamed, Zalman Baruch

The Rambam, Maimonides (1135-1204) … [more]

Survivors: Living Witnesses Inspire Education

Porter, Beth

Like many - people who suffered through the Second World War, Baruch Rand does not volunteer information about his wartime experiences. … [more]