We Are What We Don't Eat

Cohen, Martin Samuel

One of twelve essays of the book Travels on the Private Zodiac that try to explain Judaism and Jewish life in contemporary Christian society. … [more]

Mission and the Nature of Salvation

Clements, Jane

The British Council of Christians and Jews' Assistant Education Officer debates Helen Fry's article on the same subject … [more]

Mission and the Nature of Salvation

Fry, Helen

Dr Helen Fry of the Department of Theology at Exeter University, reflects on British Council of Christians and Jews' new Code of Practice for CCJ Members. … [more]

Protestant Church/Jewish State

Gaudin, Gary A.

The United Church of Canada, Israel and the Palestinian refugees revisited. … [more]

The Liturgical Music Catastrophe and its Consequences for Jews and Christians

Goldman, David

Back in the 1980s, Josef Cardinal Ratzinger campaigned against rock music as an instrument of Satan. For the Vatican to embrace not only rock music but some of the most grotesque rock musicians [at a concert hosted by Pope John Paul II on May 1, 2000] represents quite a turnaround.' … [more]

Judaism Meets Christianity for the First Time - Again

Greenberg, Irving

Rabbi Irving Greenberg (New York) discusses the significance of Dabru Emet: A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity, which he hails as 'a historical pioneering gesture.' … [more]

Festivals of the Christian Calendar

Gribben, Robert

The Christian part of a two-part contribution. … [more]

Overview of Catholic-Jewish Relations in Latin America: 1968 to the End of the Century

Klenicki, Leon

Is there a future for the interfaith relationship and especially the Catholic-Jewish relationship in Latin America? If the pioneering and current efforts dealing with both theological and political matters are continued in a systematic manner, the response is 'yes'. … [more]

Sicut Judaeis' and beyond - The Popes and the Jewish People

Levy, David J.

Thank God, Jews no longer need Papal protection. But was Pope John Paul II’s statement on October 31,1997, nevertheless, simply another in the long history of ineffective Papal statements? … [more]

Response to the Statement of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

Levy, David J.

The document is a milestone in Canadian Christian-Jewish relations. The question has now become: Where do Jews and Lutheran Christians go from here? … [more]