Facing Pharaoh

Waskow, Arthur

An interpretation of Exodus 10:1 ff. "Multiply courage by compassion and what emerges is nonviolent resistance: I will not obey my enemy but neither will I kill him." … [more]

What Being Jewish Means to Me

Wiesel, Elie

Elie Wiesel on Rosh-Hashanah, Judaism and humanity in a New York Times advertisement by the American Jewish Committee. … [more]

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia to Conference "Facing each other"

Facing each other: Conference Moscow October, 2000

Greeting Address of the Patriarch given to the Conference of the ICCJ member organisation "Facing each other." … [more]

Dabru Emet: Its Significance for the Jewish-Christian Dialogue

Rosen, David

An address given at the 20th anniversary celebration of the Dutch Council of Christians and Jews (OJEC) at Tilburg, The Netherlands, 6 November 2001. Rabbi David Rosen (Jerusalem) is International Interreligious Affairs Director of the American Jewish Committee. … [more]

Provocative Reconciliation: Reflections on the New Jewish Statement on Christianity

Barnett, Victoria

Victoria Barnett, in an article from The Christian Century (Chicago), surveys some Christian reactions to 'Dabru Emet: A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity.' … [more]

Festivals of the Jewish Calendar

Boas, Bernard

The Jewish part of a two-part contribution. See also the Christian part. … [more]

Excuse Instead of Confession of Guilt?

Bodendorfer, Gerhard

A Statement About the Vatican Document: 'We remember: A Reflection On the Shoah'. … [more]

Revised Directives for the Liturgical Reading of the Passion Narratives in Holy Week

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

Issued in July 1988 … [more]

The Future of Jewish-Christian Relations in the Light of the Visit of Pope John Paul II to the Holy Land

Cassidy, Edward Idris

The Interreligious Coodinating Council in Israel. 10th Annual General Meeting. 13th March 2001. A Keynote Address by Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy. … [more]

Who We Are [as Jews]

Cohen, Martin Samuel

One of twelve essays of the book, Travels on the Private Zodiac, that try to explain Judaism and Jewish life in contemporary Christian society. … [more]