The Mutating Virus: Understanding Anti-Semitism

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks | 01.10.2016

Key note speech by former Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth Lord Jonathan Sacks during a conference about anti-Semitism and the future of Jews in Europe, hosted by the European Parliament on September 27, 2016.[more]

Will the world ever learn?

Elie Wiesel | 31.08.2016

Eliezer "Elie" Wiesel, the Romanian-born American Jewish writer, professor, political activist, Nobel Laureate and Holocaust survivor, died July 2 this year, 2016. He was the author of 57 books, including Night, a work based on his experiences as a prisoner in the Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration camps. To remember his extraordinary character and to honour his legacy JCR republishes his speech, given on June 5, 2009, when he visited together with US President Obama and German Chancellor Merkel the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, where his father once was murdered.[more]

Briefing on the Release of the 2015 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom (IRF)

David N. Saperstein, Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom | 31.08.2016

Special Briefing, Washington, DC, August 10, 2016. … [more]

Introducing Jewish Students to Christians and Christianity in Jerusalem

Ron Kronish | 01.06.2016

Why don’t most Jews who come to visit or study in Israel meet local Christians or Muslims or visit their holy sites or educational institutions when they are here? Why do they persist in seeing only “Jewish “ Israel, and ignore so much more that Israel has to offer in its cultural and religious landscape? … [more]

New Ways to Commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel

Ron Kronish | 30.04.2016

Recently, one of my friends sent me an email, saying that his daughter just returned from a high school study tour to Poland and was shocked by the overly nationalistic messages that were propagated during that trip. … [more]

Reflections for Easter

Philip A. Cunningham | 31.03.2016

Dear Members of the ICCJ Family, The year 2016 presents the somewhat unusual situation of almost a month interposing itself between the Christian celebration of Pascha/Easter (in the West on March 27) and the Jewish commemoration of Pesach (April 22). … [more]

50 Years of the Jewish-Christian Dialogue -- The Way Forward

Ron Kronish | 01.03.2016

At recent conferences in Toronto, Canada (sponsored by several local groups), and in Utrecht, the Netherlands, (sponsored by the Catholic Council for Church and Judaism) I was asked to offer a response to 50 years of "The Dialogue" since Nostra Aetate, not the response of the Jewish community but just my response, as a rabbi, Jewish educator and activist who has been involved in dialogue and action for the past quarter century. … [more]

A collective responsibility and a moral and historic commitment

Beate Klarsfeld | 31.01.2016

Remarks given on the occasion of the United Nations Holocaust Memorial Ceremony, Wednesday, 27 January 2016, International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. … [more]

A continuous call to reject anti-Semitism

Monsignor Janusz Urbanczyk | 31.01.2016

Statement for Holocaust Remembrance Day (January 27, 2016) of Monsignor Janusz Urbanczyk, Permanent Representative of the Holy See at the 1086th meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, delivered on January 21, 2016. … [more]

A living question mark

Clare Amos | 30.11.2015

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the promulgation of Nostra Aetate, one of the shortest but conceivably among the most influential of the major documents to come out of the Second Vatican Council. Its promulgation in October 1965 was controversial, and its appearance was therefore delayed. When it was finally published, its scope had been enlarged. It was no longer a document focused solely on Judaism and Jewish-Catholic relations; it also included brief reflection on other non-Christian faiths, especially Islam. … [more]