A Polish Reaction to the Vatican Document on the Shoah

Oljasz, Tomasz | 28.03.1998

From the Warsaw Voice: March 29, 1998 No.13 (492) … [more]

What Do Christian-Jewish Encounters Mean as Civilizations Clash?

Lustiger, Jean-Marie

Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger of Paris explores what it means for humankind today that Jews and Christians are drawing closer to one another. … [more]

Facing Pharaoh

Waskow, Arthur

An interpretation of Exodus 10:1 ff. "Multiply courage by compassion and what emerges is nonviolent resistance: I will not obey my enemy but neither will I kill him." … [more]

What Being Jewish Means to Me

Wiesel, Elie

Elie Wiesel on Rosh-Hashanah, Judaism and humanity in a New York Times advertisement by the American Jewish Committee. … [more]

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia to Conference "Facing each other"

Facing each other: Conference Moscow October, 2000

Greeting Address of the Patriarch given to the Conference of the ICCJ member organisation "Facing each other." … [more]

Dabru Emet: Its Significance for the Jewish-Christian Dialogue

Rosen, David

An address given at the 20th anniversary celebration of the Dutch Council of Christians and Jews (OJEC) at Tilburg, The Netherlands, 6 November 2001. Rabbi David Rosen (Jerusalem) is International Interreligious Affairs Director of the American Jewish Committee. … [more]

Provocative Reconciliation: Reflections on the New Jewish Statement on Christianity

Barnett, Victoria

Victoria Barnett, in an article from The Christian Century (Chicago), surveys some Christian reactions to 'Dabru Emet: A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity.' … [more]

Festivals of the Jewish Calendar

Boas, Bernard

The Jewish part of a two-part contribution. See also the Christian part. … [more]

Excuse Instead of Confession of Guilt?

Bodendorfer, Gerhard

A Statement About the Vatican Document: 'We remember: A Reflection On the Shoah'. … [more]

Revised Directives for the Liturgical Reading of the Passion Narratives in Holy Week

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

Issued in July 1988 … [more]