Manifesto for Combating Religious Extremism

Conference of European Rabbis | 01.03.2015

The threat posed by religious extremists is global, immediate, violent and deeply rooted in issues of identity, theology and faith. Countless governments, think tanks and NGOs spend millions of dollars every year, debating and redeveloping strategies to deal with religious extremism but the Conference of European Rabbis believes that it is religious communities themselves who should carry the burden of responsibility to offer tangible solutions to this intractable global problem. … [more]

Affirming the Image of God



Ascending towards God

Rabbi David Rosen | 01.12.2011

Address of Rabbi David Rosen, KSG, CBE, International Director of Interreligious Affairs, AJC, October 27, 2011, in Assisi … [more]

Resolution on the 2009 Kairos Document

Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) | 01.05.2011

Adopted by the Board of Trustees
April 15, 2010 … [more]

Canadian Jewish Congress Welcomes Canadian Church Leaders' Statement

Canadian Jewish Congress - Congrés Juif Canadien | 08.12.2003

Canadian Jewish Congress welcomes the release today of a statement on antisemitism by leaders of churches affiliated with the Canadian Council of Churches. … [more]

Dabru Emet - A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity

National Jewish Scholars Project | 15.07.2002

Speaking only for ourselves -- an interdenominational group of Jewish scholars -- we believe it is time for Jews to learn about the efforts of Christians to honor Judaism. We believe it is time for Jews to reflect on what Judaism may now say about Christianity. As a first step, we offer eight brief statements about how Jews and Christians may relate to one another. … [more]

Statement in behalf of 3,000 American Conservative and Reform Rabbis

Central Conference of American Rabbis and the Rabbinical Assembl | 14.03.2000

March 14, 2000. … [more]

News Release in answer to Pope John Paul II

Rabbinic Committee for Interreligious Dialogue U.S.A. | 13.03.2000

News Release in answer to Pope John Paul II Universal Prayer and other Roman Catholic Statements. March 13, 2000 … [more]

The Reform Movement's 'Statement of Principles’

Central Conference of American Rabbis | 26.05.1999

Statement of Principles for Reform Judaism' approved by the Central Conference of American Rabbis at their meeting on May 26, 1999. This statement does not directly address the Jewish-Christian relationship. It is, however, highly relevant because most Jewish participants in the Christian-Jewish dialogue are members of the Reform movement. … [more]

Response to Vatican Document 'We Remember: A Reflection on the Shoah.'

International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations | 20.03.1998