Prayers for Peace in the Middle East

U.S. Interreligious Committee for Peace in the Middle East | 01.02.2003

A selection of prayers for peace in the Middle East by Jewish, Christian, and Muslim leaders, plus selections on the imperative for peace from Jewish, Christian, and Islamic sacred texts. … [more]

Talking Points - Topics in Christian-Jewish Relations

Consultative Panel on Lutheran-Jewish Relations, Evangelical Lut | 29.11.2002

A series of 8 pages with user's guide and questions for discussion … [more]

Kristallnacht - "Night of Broken Glass" 9-10 November 1938. A Brief Remembrance

Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding of Muhlenberg Colle | 12.11.2002

A text prepared by the Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding of Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania (U.S.A.). It may be appropriate for inclusion in a liturgy or other form of remembrance of Kristallnacht. … [more]

Nationalism and Religious Fundamentalism in the Secularized Modern Society

Rosen, David | 01.02.2002

The relationship between nationhood and religion is central to the world outlook of the Hebrew Bible. The focus of covenantal history is the relationship between God and a people, the goal of which is the religio-ethical enlightenment of all peoples - all humankind. … [more]

The Jewish-Christian Dialogue: Foundations, Progress, Difficulties and Perspectives

Kasper, Walter | 01.01.2002

The President of the Vatican's Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews surveys Catholic-Jewish relations since Nostra Aetate and prospects for the future. See also Response by Rabbi Dr. Ron Kronish. … [more]

Response to Cardinal Walter Kasper's Lecture

Kronish, Ron | 01.01.2002

Rabbi Dr. Ron Kronish (Jerusalem) responds to Cardinal Walter Kasper's address at the Israel Museum. Jerusalem, 21 November, 2001 … [more]

Jews and Christians: Making Theological Space for Each Other

Shepherd, Margaret

Sr. Margaret Shepherd, Director of the Council of Christians and Jews, London (UK), examines some of the theological issues that have arisen in the Jewish-Christian encounter in recent decades. … [more]

A Family Tree of the Churches. A graphic, showing the major branches of the Christian Church

Voll, Fritz

A rough and graphic overview of the historical origins of the diverse denominations or confessions of the Christian Church. … [more]

Video: Jews and Christians: A Journey of Faith

Jewish and Christian Scholars

A Video featuring interviews with leading scholars and activists in the field. … [more]

Waiting for the next one

The 16th National Workshop on Christian-Jewish Relations

National Workshop on Christian-Jewish Relations in 2006 - Background, logo and report … [more]