Christians and the Holocaust

Gilbert, Martin

Sir Martin Gilbert, Jewish historian and biographer of Sir Winston Churchill, gave a detailed account of Christians who rescued Jews during the Holocaust at an Annual General Meeting of the CCJ UK. … [more]

The covenant has never been revoked

Henrix, Hans Hermann

Basis of the Christian-Jewish relationship. A review of changing attitudes in the theology of the churches. … [more]

Dialogue, not proselytizing

Henrix, Hans Hermann

The Christian attitude towards Jews and Judaism. Hans Hermann Henrix is Director of the Bishops Academy of the Catholic Diocese of Aachen, Germany, which has six conference centers. … [more]

Mission and Salvation III. Christian Faith and Other Faiths

Hooker, Roger

The Tension Between Dialogue and Evangelism. Canon Dr. Roger Hooker, the Bishop of Birmingham's Adviser for Interfaith Relations, expresses his views on Mission and Interfaith Dialogue. … [more]

Religious Prejudice, Dialogue and Respect

Ives, Yossi

Rabbi Yossi Ives, coordinator of the Lubavitch Foundation in Leeds, discusses the dilemmas of inter-religious dialogue and argues that respect for others is mandatory even if we do not accept their religious beliefs. Lubavitch is a very traditional branch of Orthodox Judaism. … [more]

Assertive Judaism

Marmur, Dow

Five fundamental issues that challenge Reform Judaism today: tradition, the non-Jewish world, continuity, personal fulfilment and spirituality. … [more]

Judaism in America: Critical Impressions

Marmur, Dow

A Reform Judaism view of issues between the three major branches of Judaism: Orthodox, Conservative and Reform/Liberal. … [more]

In God's Name: Law as a Religious Category

Marmur, Dow

Law in the realm above politics, in the same realm as religion. Religion and law must, of course, be subject to the political process, but they become corrupt when they are invaded by political power. … [more]

Jews and Gentiles: A Changing Relationship

Marmur, Dow

Anti-Semitism is a central pre-occupation of assimilationists. As hard as they try to be like the others, the others make sure the Jews remain different. Observant Jews of whatever denomination have enough positive reasons for being Jewish to contain the hatred, even the persecution, by non-Jews. … [more]

Christians, Jews and Anti-Semitism Now

Marmur, Dow

Christian-Jewish dialogue is of little concern to most exponents of contemporary Judaism and a stepchild of Jewish creativity in our time. But in the days of Franz Rosenzweig, Leo Baeck and other giants of twentieth-century Jewish thought, it was central. … [more]