Video: Jews and Christians: A Journey of Faith

Jewish and Christian Scholars

A Video featuring interviews with leading scholars and activists in the field. … [more]

Waiting for the next one

The 16th National Workshop on Christian-Jewish Relations

National Workshop on Christian-Jewish Relations in 2006 - Background, logo and report … [more]

The Passion of the Jew Jesus

The Passion of the Jew Jesus. Recommended Changes in the Oberammergau Passion Play after 1984 … [more]

Jews and Catholics: From Fear to Friendship

A video chronicling the importance of Nostra aetate as a watershed event, as seen from the perspective of Reform Judaism. … [more]

The Parting of the Ways

Amos, Anne

The split between Judaism and Christianity was gradual and happened at different rates in different places. There is remarkably little agreement among scholars as to what precisely caused the rift and estimates vary about the date, from the middle of the first century CE to the middle of the fourth CE. … [more]

Responses to Jesus

Anderson, Robert

The Jewish 'no' and the Christian 'yes' to Jesus are both valid responses to the church's proclamation that centers upon Jesus of Nazareth. Though such an assertion may surprise some and disturb others, it is no less than the logical outcome of the increasing number of individual church and ecumenical statements that have appeared during the past three or four decades. … [more]

Paul is too Jewish for some, too anti-Jewish for others

Apple, Raymond

Rabbi Raymond Apple offers a Jewish perspective on the Australian study document 'Re-Reading Paul.' … [more]

Christian-Jewish Relations: A Jewish Perspective

Apple, Raymond

The Jewish part of a two-part contribution. … [more]

Beyond Tolerance

Bodendorfer, Gerhard

Christian-Jewish Dialogue in the next millennium. The 50th anniversary of the State of Israel - what kind of commemoration is possible? Remembrance as a first step to dialogue. The process of turning over a new leaf must be visible. Tolerance is a misleading concept in interreligious dialogue. … [more]

Paul the Jew

Byrne, Brendan S.J.

Brendan Byrne, S.J., of the Jesuit Theological College, Melbourne, offers reflections on the study document 'Re-Reading Paul' issued by the Council of Christians and Jews, Victoria, Australia. … [more]