New texts:

MAY 2018:

- Ephraim Meir: Dialogical Theology Moored in Buber’s Dialogical Philosophy. Article
- Lisa Palmieri-Billig: Jesus and The Pharisees: an International Interreligious Conference. Article
- Ron Kronish: Approaching Passover and Easter: The Past and Future of Jewish-Christian Relations. Article
- In Memory of: Rabbi Dr. Michael A. Signer (1945-2009). Article
- "I am Joseph, Your Brother" A documentary film (59 min.) from 2001. Article
- JCR: Religious freedom advocates call on elected leaders to protect the ability to practice faith without fear. Report
- JCR: Parallel Traces: New EU-funded Jewish heritage project aims to promote awareness through digital art. Report
- King Mohammed VI and Pope Francis The specific multi-religious character of Jerusalem / Al-Quds Acharif must be protected. Statement

APRIL 2019:

- Lisa Palmieri-Billig: “The Roots of Jews and Christians are the Same, Our Future lies in recognizing this”. Article
- Ron Kronish: Opening the Vatican Archives: Will It Matter? Article
- Jessica Spencer: Women’s Wisdom in the Hebrew Bible.Report
- JCR: ‘Leo Baeck Summer University 2019 - Jewish Berlin - Past and Present.Report
- JCR: The Church is not afraid of history. Report
- Pope Francis: For a Christian any form of antisemitism is a rejection of one’s own origins, a complete contradiction. Statement
- Pope Franis: Friendship and dialogue between Jews and Christians need to pass beyond the boundaries of the scientific community. Statement

MARCH 2019:

- David Rosen: Reflections on the recent Orthodox Jewish Statements on Jewish-Catholic Relations. Article
- Lisa Palmieri-Billig: Catholic-Jewish Relations: Portentous Anniversaries. Article
- Pavol Bargár: Consultation on “Interreligious Coexistence Initiatives". Report
- KAICIID: KAICIID launches free, online course with tools to build peaceful communities. Report
- JCR: Plan Together – Experience Exchange! Practical Guidebook for German-Israeli Youth Exchange. Report
- ICCJ: The Demands of Our Time. ICCJ Statement on Antisemitism. Statement
- Jay Howard Geller: Gershom Scholem: An Intellectual Biography. Book review

Jesus and The Pharisees: an International Interreligious Conference

Lisa Palmieri-Billig* | 02.05.2019

The Pontifical Biblical Institute, Cardinal Bea Center, Gregorian University Foundation, American Jewish Committee and Italian Bishops Conference unite to reassess history and stereotypes. ... [more]

Quelques défis théologiques actuels du dialogue judéo-chrétien

Jean Duhaime | 02.05.2019

Les relations entre juifs et chrétiens ont été radicalement transformées depuis la fin de la seconde Guerre mondiale et, chez les catholiques, depuis le Concile Vatican II. Toutefois la théologie peine à intégrer complètement ce changement. C’est ce que je voudrais explorer en examinant quatre concepts clés du document de l’Église catholique «Les dons et l’appel de Dieu sont irrévocables». ... [more]


Approaching Passover and Easter: The Past and Future of Jewish-Christian Relations

Ron Kronish | 01.05.2019

As we approach the holidays of Passover and Easter, we are mindful that this used to be a time of great tension historically between Christians and Jews. “Good Friday”–the Friday before Easter– was often a time of anti-Jewish pogroms in medieval Europe, with the blood libel and accompanying violence haunting the Jews all over Europe for centuries. … [more]

Militärrabbiner in der Bundeswehr

Josef Schuster | 01.05.2019

05.04.2019 - Grußwort des Präsidenten des Zentralrats der Juden in Deutschland, Dr. Josef Schuster, zur Eröffnung der Konferenz „Militärrabbiner in der Bundeswehr. Zwischen Tradition und Herausforderung“. … [more]


Rabbi Dr. Michael A. Signer (1945-2009)

| 01.05.2019

Ten Years ago on January 10, 2009, Rabbi Michael Signer, one of the most outstanding figures of Jewish-Christian relations of recent times, died after a long battle against cancer. He was as one of the four authors of the groundbreaking 2000 statement Dabru Emet, subtitled “A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity”. In memory of his person and his work, the following biographical sketch is published.*[more]

"I am Joseph, Your Brother"

| 01.05.2019

A documentary film (59 min.) from 2001, which follows the dramatic changes in the relations between the Catholic Church and the Jewish people over the past half century. … [more]

Mensch, wo bist du? Gemeinsam gegen Judenfeindschaft

Rabbiner Andreas Nachama | 02.04.2019

Ansprache zum Thema von Rabbiner Prof. Dr. Andreas Nachama bei der Christlich-Jüdischen Gemeinschaftsfeier zur Woche der Brüderlichkeit am 9.3.2019 im Historischen Rathaus-Saal, Nürnberg.[more]


Martin Buber, der Prager Kreis und die Folgen des Ersten Weltkriegs

CHRISTIAN WIESE | 02.05.2019

Nachfolgender Beitrag geht auf einen im Oktober 2014 anlässlich der Mitgliederversammlung der "Freunde und Förderer des Leo Baeck Instituts" im Jüdischen Museum Frankfurt am Main gehaltenen Vortrag zurück.*[more]

Dialogical Theology Moored in Buber’s Dialogical Philosophy

Ephraim Meir* | 01.05.2019

A growing interreligious theology is a challenge for any confessional theology. In confessional theology, one reflects first of all upon the own tradition and only in a second step upon the relation with other religions. … [more]

La fiesta cristiana de Pascua

En nuestros encuentros de diálogo entre judíos y cristianos, descubrimos a menudo con interés semejanzas entre nuestras dos tradiciones religiosas. Uno de los casos más evidentes es el de la relación entre la Pascua judía y la festividad cristiana de Pascua. ... [more]