New texts:


- Michaël de Saint-Chéron: Elie Wiesel as Theologian. Article
- Anette Adelmann: ICCJ 2019 Conference: Transformations Within and Between. Report
- Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops: The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and The Canadian Rabbinic Caucus hold biannual dialogue meeting in Ottawa. Report
- Delegations of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the Holy See’s Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews: The Dignity of the Human Being. Children in Jewish and Catholic Teaching. Statement
- Ruth Sandberg: The Blessing of Difference in Jewish-Christian Dialogue. Book review


- Markus Himmelbauer: Reconciliation in Judaism and Christianity. A Catholic Persepective Article
- CCJR: Statement on the Shabbat Murders at the Tree of Life – Or Simchat Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Report
- Notre Dame de Sion: The International Jewish – Christian Bible Week, Germany. Report
- JCR: Great Britain: CCJ Presidents reaffirm commitment to CCJ’s core mission. Report
- JCR: Serge and Beate Klarsfeld and the Syria Civil Defense to Each Receive 2019 Museum Elie Wiesel Award. Report
- Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem: Paul VI, first Pope since St. Peter to visit the Holy Land, canonized in Rome. Report
- JCR: Historical Declaration of Friendship Across Religions in the making. Report
- Matthew Thiessen: The Jewish Annotated New Testament, Second Edition. Book review


- Lisa Palmieri-Billig: The Pope and the Rabbi. Article
- Michael Ipgrave: Remembering the Covenant: Judaism in an Anglican Theology of Interfaith Relations. Article
- Church of England: Bishops of the Church of England adopt international definition of antisemitism. Report
- Lithuanian Bishops’ Conference: Pope Francis paid tribute to victims of the Holocaust in Lithuania at Vilnius ghetto site. Report
- Pope Francis: Warning against resurgent antisemitism. Statement
- Sarah Ifft Decker: Solomon ibn Verga, "Shevet Yehudah," and the Jewish-Christian Encounter. Book review

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50 anos de Nostra Aetate: Evolução, presente e futuro do relacionamento cristão-judaico

Carlos Barbouth* | 01.03.2016

Com o final de 2015 conclui-se também uma série de comemorações que marcaram os 50 anos da realização do Concílio Vaticano II (1962-1965). Dentre os documentos concebidos durante o maior evento eclesial do século passado consta a declaração conciliar Nostra Aetate, sobre a relação da Igreja católica com as religiões não-cristãs. O relacionamento após 50 anos do documento segundo o olhar de um judeu. ... [mais]

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