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MARCH 2018:

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- Christopher Pramuk: Making Sanctuary for the Divine: Exploring Melissa Raphael’s Holocaust Theology. Article
- Deborah Weissman: Confessions of a Jewish Ecumenist. Article
- Lisa Palmieri-Billig: Biblical studies and contemporary anti-Semitism. Report
- Anette Adelmann: ICCJ 2018 Conference: Towards Reconciliation in a Broken World. Report
- Ron Kronish: An American Muslim Looks at the Shoah. Book review


- Ron Kronish: The Embrace between Esau and Jacob—Is Reconciliation Possible? Article
- Sharon Rosen: To Build Trust by Learning about other Religions. Article
- USHMM: What Did the Faith Community Stand For? Doctrines and Deeds in Nazi Europe. Article/Video
- Lisa Palmieri-Billig: Jewish-Catholic Celebration of Hannukah inside Vatican Walls. Report
- JCR: Remains of a 1,500 year old monastery and church uncovered in Beit Shemesh. Report
- Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem: "Jerusalem is a treasure of all humanity that cannot be reduced to a territorial dispute and political sovereignty". Statement
- David Fox Sandmel: Jesus the Central Jew. Book review

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