New texts:


- ICCJ: Celebrating and Deepening the New Christian-Jewish Relationship. Statement
- Philip A. Cunningham, President of ICCJ: ICCJ's Address to Pope Francis. Article
- Pope Francis: Address to Members of the "International Council of Christians and Jews". Statement
- Scarboro Missions: Leaders in the Modern Jewish-Christian Relationship: Natân André Chouraqui (1917-2007) Article
- Franklin Sherman: The Mark of Cain: Guilt and Denial in the Post-War Lives of Nazi Perpetrators. Book review

JULY 2015:

- Ron Kronish: Burning of Churches in the Jewish State? Impossible! Article
- Ali Mamouri: Islam, blasphemy and free speech: a surprisingly modern conflict. Article
- Pope Francis: Interreligious Dialogue: A Duty for all Believers. Statement
- Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ): If Not Now When. Report
- Gail Labovitz: According to the Flesh: Sexual Slander as a Tool of Early Christian Anti-Jewish Rhetoric. Book review

JUNE 2015:

- Mohammed Khallouk: Letter to a Jewish Friend. Article
- David Neuhaus SJ: The Future of Christians in the Middle East: A view from the Holy Land. Article
- Rebecca Brueckner and Brad Seligmann: YLC Conference 2015: Beyond Nostra Aetate. Report
- JCR: New Director of The Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel (ICCI). Report
- The Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ): Manchester Nostra Aetate Celebrations. Report
- Soledad C. Fox: Spain’s Jewish Absence. Book review

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ICCJ's Address to Pope Francis

Philip A. Cunningham, President of ICCJ | 01.09.2015

Your Holiness, Pope Francis, it is a great honor for me to present to you the 250 participants in the 2015 meeting of the International Council of Christians and Jews. ... [more]

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Leaders in the Modern Jewish-Christian Relationship: Natân André Chouraqui (1917-2007)

Scarboro Missions | 01.09.2015

One of the principal architects of the modern Jewish-Christian friendship in the French-speaking world and in Israel, André Chouraqui is not as well known today as his many contributions and achievements would seem to warrant. ... [more]

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Burning of Churches in the Jewish State? Impossible!

Ron Kronish | 02.07.2015

Is it really happening? Are we actually witnessing the burning of churches and mosques on a regular basis in the Jewish state? Impossible! It can't be happening! … [more]

Letter to a Jewish friend

Mohammed Khallouk | 01.06.2015

This summer a remarkable book will be published in Germany's prestigious publishing house "Rimbaud Verlag". It is a travelogue written by the political scientist Mohammed Khallouk, born in Morocco and living in Germany, in which he describes the impressions and experiences of his first visit to Israel. The very special charm of his travel report stems from the fact, that it is written by a Muslim who shows an impressive openess that gives the text a convincingly authentic character. The travelogue ends with a "Letter to a Jewish Friend" that Khallouk wrote after his return from Israel. JCR proudly presents this letter below in an English translation.
(JCR) … [more]

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Islam, blasphemy and free speech: a surprisingly modern conflict

Ali Mamouri | 01.07.2015

From the fatwa on author Salman Rushdie to the attack on the offices of French magazine Charlie Hebdo, the phenomenon of anti-blasphemy actions continues to be prominent in the Muslim world. … [more]

Leaders in the Modern Jewish-Christian Relationship: Msgr. John M. Oesterreicher (1904 - 1993)

Scarboro Missions | 01.04.2015

Today, there are several dozen centres around the world dedicated to studying the relationship between Christians and Jews. But it was Monsignor John Oesterreicher who deserves the credit for establishing the first of them, creating a new type of institution to reflect a new and very different way of thinking about how Jews and Christians could—and should—relate to each other. … [more]

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Anti-semitism: A wound to be healed

Cardinal Walter Kasper | 01.05.2015

Together with the faith of the Fathers and of the Torah, the Temple of Jerusalem - at least until Titus destroyed it in the year 70 - was the heart of Judaism, with the exception of certain groups such as the Essenes and the Samaritans. … [more]

Towards a Renewed Theology of Christianity's Bond with Judaism

John T. Pawlikowski, OSM | 01.04.2015

Presented to the Annual Conference of the International Council of Christians & Jews Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 2014* … [more]

Rabbi Jesus in the Gospel of John

Adele Reinhartz* | 01.03.2015

In November of 2009, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, the Chief Rabbi of the city of Efrat in Israel, was severely criticized for referring to “Rabbi Jesus” in a filmed interview that was subsequently posted on YouTube.{1} In an attempt to calm the storm, Rabbi Riskin subsequently retracted the statement and explained himself as follows: … [more]

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The Future of Christians in the Middle East: A view from the Holy Land

Christians in the Middle East must be ‘a voice for justice, peace, pardon, reconciliation and selfless love’, writes David Neuhaus SJ from Jerusalem. The fear that dominates the experience of many Christian communities can only be overcome by understanding, dialogue and faith, he says, all of which are necessary to maintain the Christian presence in the Middle East. ... [more]