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- Reuven Firestone: Perfect Storm. About the violence between Jews and Muslims in Israel/Palestine.
- JCR: British Jews and Muslims issue joint statement for peace. Report
- Murray Watson: ICCJ 2014 Conference: Jewish-Christian Dialogue is Thriving in Latin America, and Worldwide. Report
- World Council of Churches: A community of young Christians, Muslims and Jews works for climate justice. Report
- Diana Popescu: Jews and Suffering: Can This Prevailing Relationship Find an End? Book review

JULY 2014:

- Susanne Talabardon: Early Rabbinic Judaism and nascent Christianity – born as twins.
- Central Conference of American Rabbis: Condemning the Vote of the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly to Engage in Divestment. Report
- Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue: Dialogue in Truth and Charity. Pastoral Orientations for Interreligious Dialogue. Statement
- Kenneth Atkinson: Rethinking Flavius Josephus as a Witness to Early Jewish Theologies. Book review

JUNE 2014:

- Chaim Noll: The Fiftieth Day. Jewish and Christian aspects of Pentecost.
- CCJ: British CCJ Announces Two New Appointments. Report
- JCR: US Rabbis welcome Pope’s visit. Report
- Pope Francis: Address to the President of the State of Israel. Statement
- Pope Francis: Address at Ben Gurion International Airport. Statement
- Pope Francis: Address to the two Chief Rabbis of Israel. Statement
- Pope Francis: Address at Yad Vashem. Statement
- Pope Francis: Address at the meeting with Palestinian Authorities. Statement
- Motti Inbari: Evangelical Christians and Jews: A Match Made in Heaven? Book review

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Perfect Storm

Reuven Firestone* | 02.09.2014

We are experiencing the perfect storm for violence between Jews and Muslims in Israel/Palestine. It’s the convergence of certain factors in religion, which when combined with the particular political impasse there cause many religious Muslims and Jews to see the conflict as religious, existential and life-threatening. This encourages a high tolerance for brutality in the name of religion, which then heightens the perception of impending destruction – which in turn encourages increased brutality. ... [more]

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Early Rabbinic Judaism and nascent Christianity – born as twins

Susanne Talabardon | 02.07.2014

1 Avant-Propos
The following essay is meant to be an attempt to summarize in general terms the results of recent religion-historical research on the beginnings of Judaism and Christianity. For this reason, an all-encompassing apparatus of footnotes is dispensed with, as well as quotations in their original languages. ... [more]

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“Secularity - opportunity or peril for religions?”

Alexandra Hawryluk | 01.05.2014

What intrigued me was the theme of the Aix-en-Province conference: “Secularity - opportunity or peril for religions?” In the spring of 2013, at a conference on Religion and Canadian Public Discourse at McGill University in Montreal, participants were asked to think about how we’re “Bridging the Secular Divide”. Both themes seemed to be suggesting that the differences between those, who are saying that the public square is no place for religion, and those who are encouraging people to bring their religious values into the public square, might be too great to be reconciled. … [more]

Who Are the Heads of Churches in Jerusalem?

Malcolm Lowe | 01.05.2014

There is no individual or group that is empowered to act as "the voice of Palestinian Christians." It is not "the Palestinian Christians" but just one or two individuals who pen those public statements, even if these appear under a title that can vary from the respectable ("Heads of Churches") to the preposterous ("Kairos Palestine"). The only worthwhile question is whether the message is composed in a truly Christian spirit or is merely political agitation clothed in theological verbiage. … [more]

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The Fiftieth Day

Chaim Noll | 02.06.2014

Jewish and Christian aspects of Pentecost … [more]

The Challenges of Christian Ecumenism in Israel and Palestine

Paul Parker | 01.05.2014

The following article by Paul Parker about the diversity and vitality of Christians in Palestine and Israel was written for and published in "Sightings", an online journal of the Martin Marty Center for the Advanced Study of Religion at the University of Chicago Divinity School. For further reference please see the editorial remarks down at the end of page. (JCR)[more]

Victims and Sacrifices *

Markus Himmelbauer | 01.01.2014

Alongside Jews and the Sinti and Roma people, the National Socialist regime of violence brought suffering to many others. The persecution of Christians, however, cannot be considered in any sense ‘alongside’ the Shoah. … [more]

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Lutheran-Jewish Relations in the United States: A Historical and Personal Retrospect

Franklin Sherman | 01.03.2014

In the following I will offer, first, a brief retrospect on the history of the Lutheran and Jewish communities in the United States, which show some interesting similarities, both having long been "outliers" from the mainstream Anglo-Protestant culture. I will then give a more detailed account of the closer and more dialogical relationships of the two communities during the past forty to fifty years. … [more]

“Promise, Land, and Hope”: An American Perspective on the Theological Project

Peter A. Pettit | 01.12.2013

Recently I had two conversations that will serve well to introduce the challenges we face when we approach the issues that swirl around the Jewish and Palestinian peoples and the land – which both peoples see as home and which Judaism, Islam, and Christianity all regard as holy. … [more]

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"Confusion of spirits" - a sequel.

This article is a reply to the article by Reuven Firestone:
A Confusion of Minds? An Objection

... [more]