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MARCH 2015:

- Adele Reinhartz: Rabbi Jesus in the Gospel of John. Article
- The Interfaith Observer: "Top 10 Things You Must Know About ..." A World Interfaith Harmony Week Series. Article
- Anette Adelmann: ICCJ Conference 2015 in Rome - Registration opened! Report
- Anette Adelmann: ICCJ Board Meets in Vienna: Discussions Centre on Antisemitism and Islamophobia in Europe. Report
- Conference of European Rabbis: Manifesto for Combating Religious Extremism. Statement
- Piero Capelli: Disputation and Desecration: The Talmud Trial of 1240. Book review


- Bartosz Bartyzel: “You should never be a bystander!” 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Article
- Joachim Gauck: "There is no German identity without Auschwitz". Article
- Philip A. Cunningham: Holocaust Memorial Day. ICCJ remarks Article
- United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: Peace and Friendship. Report
- JCR: The First Ever Hindi Play on the Holocaust. Report
- Philip A. Cunningham: ICCJ President's Greetings for 2015. Report
- Kevin Hall: Resistance: Jews and Christians Who Defied the Nazi Terror. Book review


- Rabbi David Blumenthal: Tselem: Toward an Anthropopathic Theology of Image. Article
- Scarboro Missions: Leaders in the Modern Jewish-Christian Relationship: Rabbi Dr. Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972). Article
- TIO News: Dalai Lama and Karen Armstrong to Keynote 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions. Report
- Jessica M. Parr: American Zion: The Old Testament as a Political Text from the Revolution to the Civil War. Book review

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Rabbi Jesus in the Gospel of John

Adele Reinhartz* | 01.03.2015

In November of 2009, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, the Chief Rabbi of the city of Efrat in Israel, was severely criticized for referring to “Rabbi Jesus” in a filmed interview that was subsequently posted on YouTube.{1} In an attempt to calm the storm, Rabbi Riskin subsequently retracted the statement and explained himself as follows: ... [more]

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"Top 10 Things You Must Know About ..."

The Interfaith Observer | 01.03.2015

During the month of February, Religions for Peace USA (RfPUSA) is releasing a series of short educational videos inspired by World Interfaith Harmony Week;(WIHW). The videos are viewable here. ... [more]

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“You should never be a bystander!”

Bartosz Bartyzel, State museum Auschwitz-Birkenau | 02.02.2015

On January 27, about 300 Survivors, witnesses of the history of Auschwitz, have met in front of the Death Gate of the former Birkenau camp in order to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the German Nazi concentration and extermination camp. … [more]

"There is no German identity without Auschwitz"

Joachim Gauck | 02.02.2015

Federal President Joachim Gauck on the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of National Socialism on 27 January 2015 at the German Bundestag in Berlin: … [more]

Holocaust Memorial Day

Philip A. Cunningham | 01.02.2015

Address given on the occasion of the commemoration ceremony of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Vienna, Austria, 27 January 2015 … [more]

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Leaders in the Modern Jewish-Christian Relationship: Rabbi Dr. Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972)

Scarboro Missions | 01.01.2015

Arguably one of the most influential Jewish thinkers of the twentieth century, Abraham Joshua Heschel was born in Warsaw on January 11, 1907, the descendant of two prominent rabbinic dynasties. He grew up in a traditional Hasidic family, and studied in a rabbinic seminary before receiving his ordination (smikha) as a rabbi in 1927. … [more]

Milestones in Modern Catholic-Jewish Relations

Compiled by Sr. Lucy Thorson, NDS and Murray Watson | 01.12.2014

Beginning in the wake of the Second World War and the Shoah (Holocaust), Christians around the world have been engaged in a dramatic re-thinking of their relationship to Judaism and the Jewish people. The result has been a wonderful flourishing of dialogue and interfaith activity between these two ancient faith traditions, on the local, national and international levels. … [more]

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Tselem: Toward an Anthropopathic Theology of Image

David Blumenthal | 02.01.2015

"If we are created in God's image (tselem), what is God like?" Theologians and psychologists alike ask this question, but their answers couldn't be more different. … [more]

Contemporary Ethical and Religious Challenges to Religion

Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn* | 02.10.2014

The subject of the contemporary ethical and religious challenges to religion haunts me, throwing me into countless days of reflection and causes me many sleepless nights. There is no question that religion is on the defensive in all places where modern values have crept in—values like pluralism, scientific skepticism, this-worldliness, autonomy and individualism. In the contemporary cultures of Europe and America, religion is often seen as incompatible with these pervasive values. As a result, religious institutions seem to be losing the battle culturally in nearly all communities whose members refuse to isolate themselves by retreating to self-imposed ghettos. … [more]

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"We should stand together – Jews, Muslims and Christians"

When I walk in the streets of my home town Jaffa, I am often reminded of the year 1948. The Alleys of the old city, the houses in Ajami neighborhood, the fishing nets at the port – they all seem to tell different stories about the year that has changed my city forever. One of those stories is about one of the oldest families in this ancient city – the Deek family – my own. ... [more]